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Barbara MOREL

After obtaining a gold medal in 1993, at the Lyon CRR in piano, in the class of Françoise Barbier, Barbara Morel continued her training in harmony, counterpoint and chamber music class, from which she was awarded a medal in 1995.

She perfected her skills with Sergueï Kouznetsov, Christophe Guéméné, Pierre Réach and Jean-François Heisser.

Also interested in accompaniment, she continued her studies in this discipline still at the CRR of Lyon, in the class of Mrs. Milan and unanimously won a gold medal in 1998. The accompaniment class opens up new horizons for him by allowing him to discover new repertoires and partners from different classes (strings, winds, singing).

She perfected her accompaniment by joining the team of a musical academy "Guitars in vines" in Belley, where she accompanied students from various schools in France and Europe (CRR, Hochschule and Highschool) who came to train with masters such as Nathalie Geoffray (violin teacher at the CRR and CNSM of Lyon), Julien Beaudiment (solo flute of the Orchester de l'Opéra de Lyon), Philippe Pierlot (solo flute of the Orchester National de France), Benoît Fromanger (Chief of the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra), Nicolas Gourbeix (super solo violin of the Lyon Opera), Bernard Cazauran (CNSM double bass teacher) Michel Moragues (ONF solo flute, CNSMDP teacher) Jacques Delplanque (HEMU horn teacher of Fribourg, soloist National Orchestra of Toulouse).

Barbara Morel performs in concert, always sharing the stage with partners, and likes to alternate various formations, both pianistic and chamber musician, by going to seek associations that are sometimes rare on stage, such as the tarogato, the whistle or the bagpipes, or even the harmony orchestra.

She likes to go beyond musical boundaries and embarks on transversal projects involving both dancers and actors.





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The Suzuki School of Music, located in Geneva Canton, offers violin and cello lessons according to Suzuki pedagogy. It is for any person motivated and eager to learn a musical instrument.


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